3 Methods of Waterproof Canvas Bags

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With the widespread use of environmental protection bags, many girls have many beautiful wholesale canvas bags at home, which are often used when going out. Canvas bag is made of coarse linen, and the biggest feature is strong and durable. But the ordinary canvas bag is not waterproof, which causes great trouble to people. Next, I will introduce several methods to add waterproof performance to canvas bag.


Spray water proofing agent and apply sealant at joints

Waterproof sprays and seam sealants are essential to many campers' equipment. Although most sprays and sealants sold in outdoor stores are designed to be waterproof for camping tents. But some sprays and sealants can also be used on blank canvas tote bags. The waterproof spray used on canvas bag can improve its waterproof ability and repair its worn coating. This is one of the best ways to make custom canvas tote bags waterproof. Even if you have other waterproof methods, this preventive measure should be tried.


Before using the waterproof spray on the bag, we should pay attention to that the bag must be washed and then dried thoroughly. Because the dust and dirt particles will prevent the waterproof spray from being applied on the canvas drawstring backpack. In most cases, a layer of spray can make the canvas bag waterproof. If you don't feel safe, you can spray a second layer. After spraying the waterproof spray on the bag, you can apply sealant to the zipper and seam area of the bag. There are no requirements for sealants, and the sealants for general outdoor equipment can be used.


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Use rain cover

You can put the rain cover on your canvas bag to make it waterproof. In this way, it is enough to keep the contents of the plain canvas bag dry when it rains. But the only problem with the rain cover is that it doesn't protect everything in the canvas bag from the rain. The rain cover is wrapped around the outside of the organic canvas backpack, but your shoulders and back are not protected. This means that if the rain comes down your back, the area on the back of the bulk canvas bag will be wet.



Use plastic bags or bag linings

When you want to protect the contents of custom printed canvas tote bags from the influence of water, many people usually use plastic bags or bag linings to protect them. In outdoor equipment stores, there are bag linings, and the price is not high. Before you put things in the high quality canvas tote bag, you can put the items into the inner lining, and then put the lining into the canvas. The lining is designed to prevent water ingress. Even if your canvas bag is wet, it can protect the contents of canvas tote with zipper from drying. If you don't want to buy lining, you can use big plastic bags instead. However, it should be noted that the plastic bags should be sealed well when sealing, so as to protect the contents from moisture.

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