12 Other Ways To Use All Your Makeup Bags

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Every beauty master knows the feeling of having too many cosmetic bags. Whether you continue to buy the cosmetics that come with the free gift bag or you can't stop buying the cute gift bag, one day your extras will start to become almost silly, and you must find other uses for the personalized cosmetic bag. After all, there are so many things that you actually need, and you will always end up choosing a package you like and ignoring other packages. They eventually become a pile of used, dirty, rough little bags, you don’t know what to do, but you can’t seem to get rid of them.


Recently, I realized that I can do more with my cosmetic bag set instead of ignoring them or passing them on to random friends (they don't even want it anymore). If you have a lot of old makeup bags and don’t know what to do, please continue reading. These 12 ideas can not only make your cute makeup bag purposeful, but also make your life easier and more organized. How can it be better?



1. Use them as pouches in bags to hold small objects.

I use the most beautiful cosmetic bag as the pouch in my wallet to make it easier to find small items such as lipstick or headband. They can make your luggage more organized and cleaner.



2. Place them in your room as mini lockers in case of small objects that may be lost.

Do you know that you never know where to put your hairpin or business card or other random gadgets? Start putting them in old professional cosmetic bags that are no longer in use. Place specific items in each item so you always know where to find them.


67-1-personalized cosmetic bag 

3. Sew a chain on it to make it into a miniature messenger bag.

Your cutest and most beautiful makeup bag can be easily made into a DIY messenger bag, which is very suitable for travel. Go to a handicraft store, buy a chain, make a hole, and create something awesome.



4. Store regular supplies in old bags and store them in the office as an emergency kit.

Put one of the old small makeup bags in the PMS emergency kit, you can put it in front of your desk, or take it with you when needed. Store a sufficient number of tampons and pads, and travel-size Tylenol.



5. When traveling, use the leather bag as a jewelry box.

If you do not have a jewelry box for travel, please use an old cosmetic bag. They will help protect your jewelry and keep it tidy.



6. Put them in the mini first aid kit.

Store emergency supplies such as band-aids, gauze, Neosporin and tweezers in an old bag. If you are a klutz, please put it in your handbag or in the office.



7. Put them in your car to hold small items.

Old makeup bags can also be used as a small storage space for cars. Put important items in it and paste it in the center console.



8. Punch a hole in the corner, and then wrap the ribbon into a wristband.

It is very easy to make an old cosmetic bag into a wristband, and your DIY skills will impress everyone.



9. Use an old cosmetic bag as a temporary sunglasses case.

Small bags are not the best protection for sunglasses-it is better to use a harder case-but if you have nothing else, it is a better choice than letting them roam freely in your bag and wait to be scratched.



10. Put a small coin into the coin purse.

Pick up the smallest cosmetic bag and use it as a coin purse so you always know where the change is.



11. Use old bags to put valuables in beach bags.

I used an old cosmetic bag in the beach bag to hold my phone, money and lip balm so that they don’t become super hoarse.



12. Clean them up and give them as gifts.

When all other methods fail, you can always give them a good cleaning habit and use them to make lovely gifts for friends and family-especially if you fill them with extra gifts.

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